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Welcome to the official website of Snaptubeappz, your ultimate destination for all information regarding Snaptubeappz, a renowned video and music downloader application tailored for Android devices.

The Beginning of the Journey

Founded in November 2014, Snaptubeappz has revolutionized how users interact with digital content. This free Android app facilitates video and audio downloading and serves as a social media aggregator. It supports a wide range of video resolutions and audio formats, catering to over 150 million users as of Feb 2024.

Our Founder and Team

The visionary behind Snaptubeappz is Chao Ding, a former young engineer whose fascination with technology’s potential to transform lives led to the creation of Snaptubeappz. His journey, supported by a dedicated team of engineers, developers, and designers, transformed his dream into the reality of Snaptubeappz today: this team’s collective efforts and shared vision for innovation drive Snaptubeappz’s success.

Chao Ding Founder of Snaptube Appz
Chao Ding Founder of Snaptube Appz

Our Application

Snaptubeappz offers a user-friendly interface and efficient functionality, making it a trusted companion for millions worldwide. It stands out for its ability to download videos, free up space, and manage music, catering to diverse user needs. Despite facing challenges like its removal from the Google Play Store, the company took immediate action to address concerns, underscoring its commitment to continuous improvement and user trust.

Company Culture

At Snaptubeappz, our culture is shaped by innovation, collaboration, and respect. We value the unique contributions of each team member, fostering an environment where creativity, continuous learning, and personal growth are encouraged. Our shared passion for technology and innovation unites us, driving our mission to redefine the boundaries of technology and user experience.


Our headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, a technological innovation hub, is a constant source of inspiration. Here, we collaborate to bring Chao Ding’s vision to life, continually improving and expanding Snaptubeappz’s capabilities. This strategic location keeps us at the forefront of the tech industry, inspiring us to innovate and excel.

Join us as we continue transforming the digital landscape, one app at a time, with Snaptubeappz leading the charge.

Note SnaptubeAppz.com is an independent platform and not affiliated with the official creators of Snaptube. We are not the official Snaptube app provider. Snaptube belongs to its official creators.

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