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Download Snaptube Apk

Download Snaptube APK

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How to Download & Install Snaptube App

Snaptube App


Version Name

Snaptube v5.27.1 (Latest APK Version)

File Size

8.7 MB

Minimum Compatibility

Android 4.0.3


English and 49 more languages

Step 1: As Snaptube doesn't register with Google Play Store, you can’t directly download the app on your handset. You have to download the Snaptube apk file first from an external source (sources other than a Google Play Store). So to download the Snaptube Apk for Android, click on the button below.

Step 2: Now to grant permissions to the Unknown sources, head towards the Settings of your Android smartphone, and then click on Security option. After that, enable ‘Unknown Sources’ by clicking on the checkbox placed right beside.

Step 3: Then, a pop-up will appear on your screen, ignore it, and click on the ‘OK’ button.

Step 4: After that, visit the file manager of your handset and find the Snaptube APK for Android file you have just downloaded.

Step 5: Next, to start the installation procedure, tap on the apk file. The file will ask for your permission. Grant, all of them, to carry forward the installation process.

Step 6: The app will take some times to get installed. Finally, when the Snaptube video downloading the application successfully gets installed on your Android phone, you will find the icon on the main menu.

Snaptube APK Features

No annoying ads

The best feature of the Snaptube is, the app comes completely ad-free. So as a user, it is an excellent feature as nothing will hamper your video watching experience, and you will get unlimited entertainment without disturbances.

Videos of Various Resolutions

The app offers videos of many resolutions. Just select your desired video resolution and download it on your device with a minute.

Occupies Low Disk Space

The video downloading application takes very little space on your device and the videos, downloaded through this application, also come in a compressed form. The even displays the size of the file before it starts downloading contents.

Download in Just One Button Press

Most of the video downloaders ask their users to copy-paste the URL, then select the resolution & the destination path and then only you can download the video. But with SnapTube, you have to press a single button to download the videos.
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Download MP3 from YouTube

It has happened with us many times that we liked a video on YouTube and wanted to download the mp3 version of that video on our phone. SnapTube gives you the provision to convert a YouTube video to the MP3 format and then allows you to download it on your device.

Impeccable Downloading Speed

SnapTube is capable of downloading videos even the heavy sized HD videos at an incredible speed, and this is the main reason why the app gained so much attention in the last couple of years.

Snaptube App Fix Log - Latest Version Update!

There are one or two issues that have now been fixed. They are:

  • Previously, sometimes the download used to freeze midway. That issue has now been fixed.
  • The interface has also been upgraded. It is now easily available for use for single-handed use on a mobile phone.
  • Also, the app is now more stable.

Snaptube and Play Store?

So folks see how useful the app is and so many great features it offers to the users. Now if you want to download Snaptube on Android smartphone, what should you do? Although Snaptube is an Android-based application, it is currently not registered with Google Play Store.

The main reason is that the video downloader provides streaming related content which violates Google Play Store’s terms and conditions. So if you want to download Snaptube for Android, you have to download snaptube APK for Android first. We have discussed the whole procedure thoroughly below!

Snaptube App Alternatives

  • Vidmate

  • TubeMate

  • Videoder

  • KeepVid

vidmate app logo

VidMate Video Player

This particular entertainment service not only allows people to download videos from it, but the app also happens to stream videos. Vidmate provides access to video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yodesi, and so on.

Snaptube Apk Downloader FAQs

How much Snaptube APK cost?

The app is entirely free. Thus, you can download music as well as videos from the incredibly popular website without having to pay a single buck. You can download your favorite songs and put it on your phone as an MP3 file without having to pay for it.

Is it okay to download Snaptube Apk from unknown sources?

Downloading snaptube Apk file from the unknown sources or the sources other than Google Play Store is safe for your handset. So you have nothing to worry about. If the app is available on the Google Play Store, we will suggest you download the app directly from the Play Store, but that is not the case with Snaptube.

How to save the downloaded videos in an external SD card?

As most of the smartphones do not include a great amount of internal storage, the developers have made the SnapTube application in such a way so that you can save the downloaded contents in the external SD card. To do so, go to your phone’s settings, click on Download Path, and set the external SD card as your desired storage option.

How to increase the downloading speed of the Snaptube video downloader?

SnapTube App is built in such a way so that you can control the downloading speed of the video downloader. So to increase the downloading speed, go to the app’s settings and turn on the Fast Download Mode.

Is it possible to download videos from Facebook through the app?

Yes, you can also download the videos from Facebook through SnapTube video downloading the application. Just log in to your Facebook account from the app and click on the video you want to download and SnapTube will automatically download the video.

Can we stream video through Snaptube?

No, not at all. Apps like Showbox can stream videos, but SnapTube is basically a video downloader. You need a default video player to run the downloaded video.

Does SnapTube care about the user’s privacy?

The video downloading application provides utmost care and secrecy when it comes to user’s privacy. So you don’t have to worry about your privacy as SnapTube never shares the data with anyone.

How to update the Snaptube application?

Whenever an updated version of the application is available, SnapTube will notify you about that, and all you have to do is make a visit to the official website and download the latest app directly.

Is it possible to download 1080p quality video through SnapTube?

It is difficult to download 1080p videos through SnapTube as most of the videos are not available at that resolution. So we will recommend you to download the 720p videos as these videos are easily available in SnapTube Android App.

Is it possible to download the MP3 file only and not the video?

The unique feature of the SnapTube video downloader is you can directly download the MP3 files only and not the videos. To directly download the MP3 files, search the videos first, and then click on “Download as MP3” option available right on the screen. SnapTube will instantly convert the video into an MP3 file in just a couple of seconds.

How to share the downloaded videos with my friends?

To share the downloaded contents through SnapTube, first go to the My Video Tab from the menu, and you will find out the list of all the available videos. Then select the share option and share it with your friends via Facebook, Bluetooth, etc.

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