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What is the Libby App?

Android users can borrow books and audio-books from the library using Libby, an app that helps them access their nearest library from their device.

The most convenient thing about Libby is that you don't even have to leave your house to check out a book. With this awesome app, you can access the eBook and audio-book catalogs of most libraries instantly and directly. Aside from that, any book can be downloaded and read or listened to without an Internet connection.

The elegant, well-organized, and practical interface of Libby makes it easy to read and listen to e-books and audio-books. Finding any author or book becomes a breeze with it.

There are thousands of libraries associated with Libby, so anyone with a library card can use it.

Screenshots & Video of Libby Library App

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Libby App books
Libby Library Book Shelf
Libby App Audiobook
Libby Screenshot
Libby App Ebook

Download the Libby App for PC - Windows

Steps to Download the Libby App on PC

  • Step 1 - Go to the Start menu. The icon for the Microsoft Store can be found on the right side of the screen. Click on it to access it.
windows starter icon to microsoft store

Windows Start Icon to Microsoft Store

  • Step 2 - Enter your account's email address and password if you haven't already signed in to your Microsoft account.
  • Step 3 - Search for the FREE version of Libby in the Store. It is available for download and installation.
Search the Libby App on Windows Store

Search the Libby App on Windows Store

Step 4 - In the Libby app, a library card question will appear when you open it for the first time. Make sure "Yes" is selected.

Download Libby App from Microsoft Windows Store

Download Libby App from Microsoft Windows Store

  • Step 5 - Select "Copy from my other device" if you have already installed Libby on another device. If not, click "I'll search for a library" and type your library name into the search box and choose your library.
  • Step 6 - After choosing your library, Libby will ask you for your library card number. Select "Sign In" after entering the number on the back of your library card.

The Libby has now been successfully downloaded to your Windows PC.

Older Version of Libby Windows App

Since Windows 10 launched, Overdrive has distributed its Libby app through the Microsoft Store. Using a computer or tablet, such as the Microsoft Surface, people could listen to audio books and read ebooks. 

But now it’s no longer possible to download Overdrive's Windows app. Already-installed users of the app receive a popup message informing them that the app is not actively being developed any longer, suggesting they use the web-based version or one of their apps.

Overdrive Media Console's main app is replaced by Libby. In 2016, Libby was released, and it is capable of a few things that Overdrive can't. Your holds and loans from different libraries can be consolidated on a single shelf if you have one or more library cards.

There is also a more advanced version of the main e-book reading app. In comparison to Overdrive Media Console, Libby is minimalist and robust. Audio-books are also much better to listen to.

Download the Libby App on Kindle - Fire Tablet

Step 1 - Visit the download link for the Libby APK in the Silk Browser on your Fire tablet.

Step 1 - Open silk browser in kindle

Step 2 - Silk browser may warn you that it requires more access to your device or that you should avoid these types of files. You can dismiss these messages for our Libby APK since we test it to ensure it is safe.

You can choose to continue by tapping OK, Allow, or Continue. It is possible that the warnings will be worded differently.

Step 2 - Allow permission to apk in kindle to download libby

Step 3 - Tap Open after the file has downloaded.
(If the file cannot be opened from this prompt, locate it in your downloads folder and select open.)

Step 3 - Skip download warning

Step 4 - Tap Settings and toggle "Allow from this source" on if your device says it can't install unknown apps.

Step 4 - Allow from this source

Step 5 - If you install the Libby app, we recommend turning off this setting. In the future, you will be prevented from downloading unsafe files accidentally.

Step 5 - Turning off the permission

Step 6 - Select Install from the top-left corner of the screen by tapping the back button.
To use Libby, tap Open once the app has been installed.

Step 6 - Open libby app on kindle

Features of the Libby Library App

  • Library on the Internet

  • Clean UI of Libby App

  • Period of Borrowing Books in Libby

Library on the Internet

Learn anywhere, anytime, in any format you like.

A public library can loan digital content through Libby as a gateway. If you don't have time to go to the library, you can enjoy your favorite book through your phone.

There are two types of eBooks available: eBooks and audio books. Several libraries provide audio-narrated graphic novels, comics, or picture books. You can read and listen to all digital content on Libby for free. In order to use Libby, you'll need a library card. 

It is important to note that the number of digital books available depends on the library. Even if a library has a physical copy of Aurora Rising or Pet Sematary, you might not find an eBook.

Frequently Asked Questions About Libby App

Can we use Libby online?

By visiting, you can use Libby online. The overall experience of the online library website is not smooth. Hence the Libby app is recommended for Android, iOS, and Windows PC users.

Can you use Libby without a library card?

It is not possible to use Libby without a library card. The whole concept of the Libby app is based on the book borrowing system from the Library and without a valid library card you cannot access or borrow books.

Is there another app that is similar to Libby?

Libby is a similar app to Hoopla, which also allows you to borrow movies, TV shows, and music. This app requires a library card as well. You can explore its collections after registering and navigating its simple interface.

Are books on Libby free?

As long as you have a library card, you can read eBooks and listen to audio books for free on Libby. A convenient way to consume media without meddling with piracy is to install the app on your phone.

How does the Libby app work?

Libby lets you borrow a digital copy from your library for free. The way Libby works is much like the way your library does, only it's an online version. Your local library offers books and audio books through Libby, an app similar to OverDrive.

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